Exploratory Data Analysis on Iris Flower Dataset by Akshit Madan

Akshit Madan
Nov 11, 2020

Univariate Data Analysis — It is the simplest form of analyzing data. “Uni” means “one”, so in other words your data has only one variable. It doesn’t deal with causes or relationships (unlike regression ) and it’s major purpose is to describe; It takes data, summarizes that data and finds patterns in the data.

Bivariate Data Analysis — Bivariate analysis is one of the simplest forms of quantitative (statistical) analysis. It involves the analysis of two variables (often denoted as X, Y), for the purpose of determining the empirical relationship between them.

Multivariate Data Analysis — Multivariate data analysis is a set of statistical models that examine patterns in multidimensional data by considering, at once, several data variables.

The above notebook performs EDA on Iris Dataset with Data Visualisation using Seaborn and Matplotlib, I recommend you to go through it.

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