#5. Splash Screen in Flutter with Shimmer Effect (Flutter Series by Akshit Madan)

Akshit Madan
Nov 3, 2020

Hey there , Welcome to part 5 of Flutter Series. In this blog we are going to see how you can apply a beautiful splash screen to your app with a shimmer effect. Shimmer effect is basically an animation effect on your widget, that widget can be your app logo or any text. This effect gives your app a good look and makes them interactive.

In your pubspec.yaml add shimmer package to install the extension. Install from here — (https://pub.dev/packages/shimmer)


Basic Initialisation of the app with ThemeData and provide SplashScreen() class in your home of your MaterialApp().


Design — This totally depends on you how you want to design your splash screen . I have set an image as my background and lowered its opacity . In the center I have kept my logo and applied shimmer effect on it.

Code —

Splash Screen time is 2500 miliseconds, you can change according to you. The text is wrapped with Shimmer which takes 4 parameters —

  1. period: Define the duration of the effect.
  2. baseColor: This defines the main color of the child widget.
  3. highlightColor: This defines the color of the lighting effect.
  4. child: Define the child widget.

After 2.5 seconds , the splash will be navigated to HomeScreen()

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